Who are we?

We’re a team of remarkable, passionate, curious and fearless security geeks. We love the solutions and products we build and are passionate about using automation and the cloud to revolutionize the cyber security industry. We partner with leading vendors to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex security challenges. At packetlabs we aren’t just consultants, we are straight forward and skillful builders, strategists and designers. 

We help our clients rethink their cyber security model through a DevSecOps mindset. We collaborate with companies to help them Leveraging our expertise as DevSecOps practitioners to drive business adoption and position our clients for a sustainable future. The result is a blueprint for DevSecOps culture.

We all come to work at packetlabs to solve the biggest security problems facing companies and our purpose is simple. “….to help you protect your digital assets….”


What we do?

Cloud Security

We provide deep Cloud Security expertise with industry’s best talent working to help you adopt a secure cloud environment.

Identity and Access Management

We deliver identity and access management solutions that harness the power of identity to apply context to security.

Microsoft 365

We excel at helping you identify your risks and achieve security and compliance objectives with your office 365 enviroment.

ICT Workforce

We find talent for hard to fill roles in the public sector and help organizations with their resourcing needs.

Cyber Risk and Compliance

Packetlabs diverse experience in managing cyber risk and compliance can help organisations define a tailoerd cyber risk management framework and implement cyber controls to ensure compliance with industury regulations.

Cybersecurity Advisory & Consulting

We defend against Cybersecurity attacks via a range of services such as vunrability management, security consulting, SIEM and penetration testing to enable the protection your business.



Our cybersecurity assessment platform will assess your businesses hackishness on the internet and tell you how exposed you are and what bad actors know about you already.

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